Welcome to the Neurology Specialty Page Of Expert Medical Consultants, Inc.

This webpage is dedicated to the activities of expert medical consultants in the field of Neurology and associated sub-specialties.

This is a template page for this specialty that is being developed by other members of the Neurology specialty right now. They are working to develop educational modules regarding the specific medico-legal issues that are common to your specialty and offering insight into the standards of care issues you need to be aware of in order to minimize your medical malpractice exposure. We will provide the following at this site:

  1. Evidence based review of medical malpractice issues common to this specialty.
  2. Medical expert witness training modules relative to this specialty
  3. Resident physician training in medical malpractice avoidance in this specialty
  4. Links to important medical websites related to this specialty

In addition this webpage will also provide the link to the Peer Review Committee for expert medical witness testimony for Neurology. This Committee is composed of a Chair, a co-chair, and additional members, all board certified and otherwise fellowship credentialed in the relevant sub-specialty areas of Neurology.

Please review the following link EMC Review Process for Expert Medical Testimony in closed legal cases for detail on these committees and the process. Some of these duties involve compensation to specialty physicians for their services. We want the best of the nation in highly regarded physicians to develop the review process for each specialty as to the proper interpretation of the standards of care in medical malpractice cases. We are interested in active clinical and academic physicians for this purpose to give the committees the proper balance. You do not have to be an active expert in order to perform these duties. We invite you to submit your name as an active member of Expert Medical Consultants, Inc. to apply for this specialty committee as well. Each specialty will be responsible for the excellence and national reputation for fair review of its specialty committee.

Website link related to this specialty: The American Academy of Neurology (AAN)

Please fill out the information below if you are interested in these duties and the Chairperson of your specialty committee will contact you about further details. Please also alert your capable colleagues about this opportunity to review inappropriate medical witness testimony that may be damaging to your specialty.

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